Monthly Archives: June 2017

5 ways to protect yourself online

Now more than ever, it’s important to protect yourself while online. Identity theft is on the rise and the crime can have devastating effects to your reputation and finances. Cyber security breaches are another huge problem that can leave thousands of people’s personal data exposed. To be the safest you can possibly be while you […]

Fixing Those Annoying Tech Problems

Do you face problems with technology you use on a daily basis? You aren’t alone. Americans workers, for example, rank dead last when it comes to problem-solving skills relating to technology, and it’s a problem that spreads across age gaps of all ranges. Finding solutions for these common issues doesn’t have to be an exercise […]

Steps to Landing That Promotion

No one enjoys being in a lower position, with lower wages. But how do you self-promote yourself without feeling anxious? We’ve all felt the need of wanting to become noticed at work at some point in our lives. But, that’s only one of the many ways to help get yourself promoted. To help you advance […]

Investing For Beginners

One of the most efficient ways to increase your wealth and allow your money to grow over time is by investing. Although there is a bit of risk involved with investing, it can prove to pay off by educating yourself on how and where to invest your money. Here are a few important steps to […]

Steps to landing a job in the medical field

Earning a position as a licensed, accredited, knowledgeable, competent physician is extremely difficult. Doctor hopefuls must pass through several stages of applications, school work, résumé building, clinical experience, and ever-rigorous schooling. Fortunately, the career path to being a doctor is relatively clear cut, despite it taking so long. Included are the necessary steps to becoming […]

Modern Ways to Help Kids Learn

The traditional school curriculum has been surpassed with new discoveries to assist with education. Today’s child now has access to modern approaches for faster and easier learning. Tools that complement specific learning styles are available to assist with education, retention and acquired skills for all ages and developmental phases. Understanding some of the modern ways […]

AI and the rising expectations for software

One of the most interesting and powerful features of virtual assistants such as Apple Siri, Microsoft Cortana and the Google Assistant is their ability to become smarter. Some of the functions of these assistants are taken for granted by users who are no longer impressed to get an accurate spoken weather forecast wherever they are; […]

Things to do with your family for vacation

With kids getting out of school and summer right around the corner, family vacations can’t be that far behind. But choosing where to go can be a daunting task for even the savviest of travelers. So many things can go into making your decision. Family size, cost, available vacation time, family interests. The United States […]

Great gifts to get your coworkers

Office morale is important to a productive and effective work environment. The best offices have employees who communicate well, care about their place of business, and truly believe that they’re working together as a team. This has led to many offices participating in gift exchanges. Whether organic or as part of an event–finding gifts for […]