Monthly Archives: August 2017

How Mobile is Disrupting the Games Industry

Video games have come a very long way since the days of Pong. Whereas you used to need a strong computer to play even the simplest of 2D games, the phone in your pocket is now powerful enough to fully render HD video games better than anything older than the last two generations of home […]

Ways to Beat Traffic and Improve Your Commute

Health and wellness experts firmly believe you choose your mood for the day by setting your intentions early in the morning upon waking up. That might be well and true, but all it takes is a traffic mess to take your mood from happy to angry in a matter of minutes. Unfortunately, the morning commute […]

Issues That Might Lead to a Business Audit

Business audits can interfere with outside investments, mergers, or acquisitions and drag on for months, causing delays to business plans. Considering how hard surviving an audit can be, the desire to avoid an IRS audit is understandable. Every year, the IRS will randomly select a number of returns for scrutiny, making it harder to eliminate […]

5 Ways to Dress to Impress at Work

Style is a lost art for far too many people. Instead of trying to dress their best at work, they go in the other direction and choose the most casual option that the company will allow. This may not seem like a big deal, but there are several important benefits to dressing well. When you’re […]

Design Freebies Every Designer Should Know

Graphic designers today have a lot on their hands with very little time to deliver work to their clients. To increase your efficiency, you need to make use of design freebies available on the internet. These freebies come in different shapes, sizes, color, patterns, and templates and help make your clients happy all the time. […]

Low Cost Online Business Ideas

With the internet, it’s easier than ever to start a business. You can sell virtually any product or service, reach any audience, and you also have access to some of the best online software and services to help you reach your goal. And the types of people running these businesses are as varied as the […]

5 Tips for Advancing your Career

Are you thinking of growing your career? That certainly needs commitment and sacrifice to achieve more skills and abilities in your field of practice. With a tight schedule and deadlines to meet, it can seem hard to spare time and resources to grow your career. But, how do you juggle advancing your career and maintaining […]

Corporate Team-building Trip Ideas

Team building activities are part of many corporate cultures because they help coworkers bond in a different setting. Morale and interpersonal relationships among employees contribute a great deal to their productivity. The stressful workplace environment, however, doesn’t always provide the right mood or opportunity for colleagues to learn more about one another or enjoy fun […]

Common work-related health problems

We all know that work is extremely important. It is our source of income, it gives us focus, and it helps to give us focus in life. It is unfortunate that many people experience work-related health problems. This creates further issues, such as resentment for our jobs. Below are some common work-related health problems, and […]

Using Social Media to Improve Your Business

In this day and age, technology has changed almost everything. Entrepreneurs have multiple ways to create an online presence in regards to their business. It includes using the social media platforms to pass information, market products and collect feedback from customers. The following are ways to use social media to improve your business. Create Your […]