Monthly Archives: October 2017

Dealing with setbacks at work

Moving up in a career can be characterized with a myriad of challenges. Sometimes you can feel like you are on the right track but before long a challenge comes your way and you almost get totally discouraged. A wise person must work hard to overcome setbacks. Everyone faces serious challenges in their careers. Workplace […]

The best ways to manage money for seniors

Growing old is a lovely thing. During this period, you might encounter several problems related to finances. To ensure this does not happen, take your time and read through this article and get to know how to manage your money in old age. Be very careful when budgeting. The moment you retire, income becomes lower […]

5 Simple Tips to Kick Start A Healthy Lifestyle

If making healthy choices were easy, everyone would do it. Unfortunately, life often gets in the way of eating right, getting regular exercise, and sleeping 8 hours a night. By implementing a few lifestyle changes, however, anyone can begin the path towards better health. Here are 5 simple tips to kick-start a healthy lifestyle. Find […]

Learn the Essentials of Investing in 9 Steps

Sometimes you might find that you have some extra money that you do not need to use immediately. Why not secure a short-term or long-term investment that will impact your life positively? While this idea is popular with many people, few have made profits after investing in different industries. The reason for this is that […]

Hosting a Business Dinner at Your Home

A dinner party is usually demanding especially if you are the host. The situation demands a lot more when it has to do with business partners, employees and clients. It may appear stressful but the good thing is that this is a chance for you to strengthen professional relationships among the attendees. To get the best […]

Marketing Options For Your Small Business

Small businesses contribute a huge chunk to the growth of a nation’s economy. They are the backbone of many countries, and their flourishing is not only crucial for their own sake but also for the development of the state at large. How do you ensure that your small business is growing? One essential way is […]

The Do’s and Don’ts of Measuring Employee Productivity

Most employees often lose morale after working awhile at a job; they find themselves disengaged from their jobs and hence reduce their productivity. Employers, on the other hand, lose millions of dollars in revenue over low productivity. Thanks to technology, employers now can measure the productivity levels of their employees. However, most employees often lose […]

5 Creative Ways to Find New Clients

Clients are the lifeblood of any business. But getting the steady flow needed to sustain a business is a challenge. That is why innovation with regard to finding new clients is key. This article introduces five creative ways to find new clients that will not only help sustain a business but improve the way it’s […]