Monthly Archives: November 2017

5 Steps to Recover from Financial Problems

It is fairly common to find ourselves in a financial crisis due to either sickness, poor decisions or happenings beyond our control. The question is, how do you rise from the disaster and get back on your financial feet? Here are five steps to help you back on track. Assess your situation, take inventory of […]

When are Employer’s Liable for Employee’s Acts

Several legal principles have made employers, in most situations, liable for their employees’ actions that result in harm to customers, co-workers or other individuals. This liability holds the employer responsible even if they had not intended to cause harm and did not play any physical role in causing harm to the injured individual. This principle […]

Dangers of the Gig Economy

For many people, nothing sounds more attractive than earning a living while making their own hours. The modern gig economy is making this an increasingly possible reality — but at what cost? Despite the freedom afforded by the gig economy, it’s important to understand the problems that come along with it. The workforce has been […]

A Basic Overview of Corporate Law Principles

Separate from criminal and civil law, corporate law runs on a different set of principles and laws. While the law recognizes a corporation as a single entity, just as a person is a single entity, corporations are also subjected to strict regulations. Because they enjoy tax breaks and other concessions, businesses must also answer to […]

Ways to Make Your Restaurant More Profitable

Did you know that in the United States  alone, approximately 1.8 billion dollars are spent daily in restaurants? However, 60 percent of these restaurants close shop or change ownership in just 3 years. Why? While restaurant business is a booming one, most owners fail to capitalize on some key strategies that would see their businesses […]

Keep Your House in Good Shape: Maintenance Checklist

As a homeowner, you’re given the responsibility of caring for and maintaining the functionality and safety of your home. By doing so, you’re able to keep your house in good working order and prevent problem areas from eating up your savings. A maintenance checklist ensures that you’ve covered every facet of your home from the […]

How to Boost Network Security for Remote Employees

Thanks to the numerous innovations in mobile and networking technologies, employees can carry out their duties outside the office. Some employers let their employees work from any location of their choice for cost savings and productivity reasons. As more people are working remotely, there are security concerns that employers need to evaluate. The following tips […]

5 Ways to Motivate Yourself to Work Harder

There is no success without hard work. In most cases, there is no a shortcut to success in life. It narrows down to carefully putting your hours together and the sweat that comes out of it. The biggest challenge is in knowing what should be done and what is required to do it. Considering these […]

Tips To Ensure Senior Independence

Old age is one of those blessings that comes with a fair share of challenges. It gets to a point when deterioration of the physical and mental abilities of a parent or a loved one gets out of control. At this point, siblings or younger people living with seniors are obliged to take care of […]