Monthly Archives: July 2018

How Law Firms Are Changing

Relentless innovation, change, and disruption is the key themes to lawyers again this season. As legal specialists position themselves into surviving the harsh and troughs of this ailing economy, many trends have emerged in the law industry. These changes are essential since they enhance productivity, efficiency, and competition in the global market. These changes result […]

7 Tips for Safe & Healthy Exercise

Whether you have been exercising for a while or are just starting a new exercise regiment, your biggest concerns are staying safe and healthy. While exercise is great for you, it will do you no good if you wind up injured. There are many ways you can get hurt while working out, so it is […]

What To Do If You Are Injured On The Job

It seems as though new construction projects can be seen around every corner. Construction workers are hard at work, twelve months a year. The downside to all the available jobs is that this can create an even more dangerous work environment. Management sometimes violates OSHA standards, pushing workers to get jobs completed faster. You may […]

Three Interior Design Tips for Small Businesses

It’s time to update your office lobby or small retail space, but you’re at a loss how to pull off a fresh, cohesive look that fits your business. Here are a few tips to get you started. Creating Lighting and Window Effects Create window-like effects. Windows open up any space to make it seem bigger. If […]

Can Influencers be Held Liable for Defective Products?

In a world run by social media, it can seem as if everyone is an influencer. From Twitter to YouTube and Facebook, social media influencers are sharing their opinions and recommendations on everything under the sun – including products. But what may seem like an innocent personal review may actually be considered an endorsement. Now, […]

7 Ways to Make Working from Home Easier

According to data from Forbes, close to 30 million Americans work from a home office at least one day a week. Whether you’re a self-employed freelancer, a business owner or someone who telecommutes rather than going into the office each day, working from home means comfort and convenience. It can also involve a lot of stress, and […]