Monthly Archives: April 2019

Electric Bikes Are Redefining Transportation

The electric bike revolution is taking the world of transportation by storm. Electric bicycles are being adopted by a number of different riders from a number of different backgrounds, and if the present growth rate is any indication, the future will bring with it even more success for what has been described by some as […]

4 Things That Will Make Millennials Happy At Work

There is no doubt that millennials are becoming an important workgroup, and figuring them out is in the best interest of employers. Part of what you have to figure out is a way to keep them happy at work, especially because millennials are not as loyal as previous generations. Employers know how important it is to keep good […]

Dressing for Success at Work

When you master the art of making an impression, it can have an impact on your career. Studies have found that wearing a lab coat like a doctor can help you to focus more and that athletes who wear red rather than blue can lift more weight. The point is, what you wear matters. In […]