Monthly Archives: December 2019

4 Steps to Healthy Eating While at Work

The workplace can be demanding and busy. Many people have short lunch breaks, if they have one at all, and many more people head out to the deli or takeaway to buy their food.  But you have decided to commit to a healthy lifestyle and you would like to eat a healthy lunch most days, […]

The Best Time of Year for Remodeling Projects

When is the best time to remodel your home? The truth is that there are better times, depending on what you are renovating. Another consideration is cost-saving, but the ideal time and cost-saving don’t always coincide. Taking all factors into consideration, there are a few guidelines you must follow to keep your project on track. […]

How To Take Your Business Online

In the digital age, not having an online presence for one’s business can result in  significant lost profit and market share. Most prospective customers of any product or service use the internet to search for companies that may meet their needs. For this reason, it is very important for any business owner that they take […]

Understanding The Federal Reserve

Anyone who holds an investment portfolio or watches the financial markets knows how drastically the market reacts to news put out by the Federal Reserve. This is because the Federal Reserve plays a major role in determining the state of the US economy, and thus the world economy. While all central banks function relatively the […]

How to Rebuild and Fix Your Credit

Getting yourself into a situation that damages your credit might seem like the end of the road, but it needn’t be. A lot of people have found themselves in the same situation, and it’s what you do about it that will determine the outcome. Your credit score is affected by a failure to pay debts […]