Monthly Archives: August 2020

A Home Warranty Brings its Own Appliance-Repair Rewards

Don’t be mistaken, a home warranty isn’t homeowner’s insurance. A home warranty is a contract between you as the homeowner and a home warranty company.  The company offers you affordable, discounted repair and replacement services on all your home’s major items such as your swimming pool, stove, refrigerator, HVAC and plumbing, among others.  Quick sales […]

Old House? What to Expect When Rewiring It

When you think of how people use electricity today, things were not the same when your older house was under construction. The demand for electricity in a home was lower, and supply was built to match it. Today, many people are living in older homes making modern demands for electricity from outdated supplies.  This is […]

COVID-19: How Has It Affected Crime rates?

The COVID-19 pandemic has left its impacts on almost all sectors of life. It has affected the Rich and Poor alike in regards to social and behavioral changes. The global lockdown parameters have forced everyone inside their homes. While industrial trade and economic sectors have suffered the most due to this pandemic, there has been […]