A Home Warranty Brings its Own Appliance-Repair Rewards

Don’t be mistaken, a home warranty isn’t homeowner’s insurance. A home warranty is a contract between you as the homeowner and a home warranty company. 

The company offers you affordable, discounted repair and replacement services on all your home’s major items such as your swimming pool, stove, refrigerator, HVAC and plumbing, among others. 

Quick sales with a home warranty

When you are selling your home, by offering a home warranty along with the sale, the sale is sure to go through with less effort. Who doesn’t want such an awesome, trouble-free way of maintaining their household items? 

These days these home warranties have even become a marketing tool, as sellers realize that it provides the buyer with peace of mind in choosing such a home. The warranty is transferred to the buyer for 12 months of coverage starting on the closing date of the sale. 

Home warranty companies say that home repairs that are unexpected can add up quickly and take a financial toll. These home warranties can certainly make homes on the market far more attractive as they look like far less trouble. 

Unbiased Home Warranty reviews

Buying a home warranty isn’t just a case of choosing the first one. Purchasing a home warranty can be far more complicated as you need to think of the premiums, deductibles as well as the terms and conditions. People who have looked and different home warranty companies and selected the best for you to research allow you to choose with confidence.

House Method is a comprehensive resource for anyone who wants the best for their homes and offers unbiased reviews on home service providers. When you choose a home warranty plan from them, you get a host of home warranty providers literally ‘under one roof’. 

They know that with so many options, it can be mind-boggling making the right choice and they have already reviewed plenty of home warranty companies for you so that you can save a lot of time and select the best home warranty plan there is. 

The buyer benefits

Buying a home and entering into a contract isn’t for the faint-hearted. That is why a home warranty provides a buyer with some confidence. It ensures that the buyer won’t experience a host of unexpected expenses at a time they can least afford it.

When something goes wrong with the swimming pool or your air conditioning system, with a home warranty, the insurance provider will arrange for repairs. Professionals who fall under the warranty have been vetted to ensure top quality workmanship for the new homeowner. 

Also, if you upgrade appliances before they wear out, the policy may well provide you with significant discounts. You just have to check the terms of your contract.

Home warranty facts

A home warranty can be like a lifeline thrown to the new homeowner. Who wants to move into a new home and have trouble with the appliances from the word go? 

Each state has its own regulations for home warranties. Certainly, you want to only buy a warranty from a licensed company. 

Most companies have a 30-day waiting period after the payment is received and anything breaking down during this period isn’t covered. Read the contract well as the contract also has coverage exclusions. 

When buying a home warranty, simply do proper research and read the contract so that you have a positive experience such a warranty is designed to be. That is precisely why it is so beneficial to get a review company site who has done the hard work for you in choosing reputable home warranty companies.



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