Great gifts to get your coworkers

Office morale is important to a productive and effective work environment. The best offices have employees who communicate well, care about their place of business, and truly believe that they’re working together as a team. This has led to many offices participating in gift exchanges. Whether organic or as part of an event–finding gifts for coworkers can prove to be a challenge. Here are a few ideas that may jumpstart your next search for Great Gifts to Get Your Coworkers.

Gear Geeks

Today, no matter what your coworker’s interest may be–everyone has some sort of gear that they geek out over. Your office is bound to have an abundance of different areas of interest. Some of your coworkers may geek out over the latest robot technology. Others may geek out over their favorite video game gear.

Being in tune with your coworker’s interests means that your gifts will be highly personalized and will be truly appreciated. These are the types of gifts that are ideal for smaller offices or for the very special coworkers in your life.

Pop Culture Mania!

Pop culture is an easy topic to pick up on in the office. Pick it up in small talk or conversations in the break room–you’re bound to hear about people’s likes and dislikes. Pop culture gifts are fun and spirited.

Check out fun swag to populate your coworker’s desk. Funko makes virtually any pop culture character into tiny, vinyl desk ornaments–think bobbleheads but way cooler. Licensing brands from every genre and entertainment video game–there is one for every personality type in the office.

Other items like novelty signs, poster, mugs, pens, totes, and so much more can be found referencing your coworker’s favorite TV or movie–be it Stranger Things or My Little Pony.

DIY: Do It Yourself

Handmade gifts add a special touch to any gift. Thoughtful and personal, handmade gifts can range from baked goods, spa-type soaps and lotions, knitted items, and so much more.

Tap into the personalities of your co-workers to determine the perfect DIY gift. Planning ahead and keeping the craft tasks simple will result in no fuss gift giving that’s memorable and can even be budget friendly.

Subscription Boxes

Cousin Eddie in National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, once said in regards to the Jelly of the Month club that it was, “The gift that keeps on giving the whole year.” While the gift was an insult in the film, there’s nothing insulting about the gift subscription boxes that are available today.

Whether the club is for wine, cheese, dinner in a box, or the sunglass of the month club–there’s something out there for just about everyone’s taste. Durations ranging from one to twelve-month subscriptions with many options in between are also available.

Lit Gifts

For the office of book lovers, there are a variety of types of lit. inspired gifts to keep the reading spirit alive. From personalized reading lights, clever bookmarks, E-reader accessories, to clothing inspired by literature–reading enthusiasts rejoice!

If you think it doesn’t exist, it does. Don’t believe yet…just search for thumb ring page holders or book-scented perfume.

Puzzles, Games, and Trivia

Something about the act of “play” really allows us to unwind. Giving your co-workers a gift that gives them an escape from the mundane and a break from the norms of everyday is a great way to engage in unique gift giving.

Puzzles are more than just cardboard pieces and dice rolling–they are mind-boggling contraptions with moving parts, pieces, and thingamajigs. If you haven’t been paying attention to the world of puzzles and games, there’s definitely been some new developments.

Stress Relief

The work environment can often be a stressful place. Things can go wrong, work can pile up, Justin from the warehouse called out sick again and he’s the only guy that can run your forklift. Sometimes we need a little relief from these pressures.

Stress relief tools are the ultimate in coworker gifts. Stress balls, fidget spinners, zen gardens, and many other products are available on the market today. Seeing the need for a little relaxation in the workplace–companies have been developing terrific products for the office. This gift will not only deliver a laugh but might also provide relief.

It’s easier than ever to find great gifts for your coworkers. No matter what might be their area of interest–show that you listen and care by giving a personalized gift to match their personality.

Adam Richards

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