Corporate Team-building Trip Ideas

Team building activities are part of many corporate cultures because they help coworkers bond in a different setting. Morale and interpersonal relationships among employees contribute a great deal to their productivity. The stressful workplace environment, however, doesn’t always provide the right mood or opportunity for colleagues to learn more about one another or enjoy fun times together.

An exciting outing is one option of getting co-workers to appreciate each other’s company while relieving stress. The secret to a successful corporate team-building trip is finding the right blend of fun and appropriateness, so everyone in the group gets something out of it.


Working on volunteer program as a group is a rewarding experience that offers a chance for individuals to connect with one another. Find causes that employees are passionate about and then arrange a trip to fulfill them. Focus on programs that align with the core values of your organization.

Besides giving employees something interesting to spend time on, volunteering helps with your branding and meets your social responsibilities as an organization. One alternative is to find a program where professionals can use their skills to benefit people who need them. A visit to a children’s home, a day spent building houses for the less fortunate, or visiting the local penitentiary are excellent options.

Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt is perfect when you want people to spend more time outdoors. Workers can visit different parts of the city or even go out of town as they search for treasure. Scavenger hunts can be customized to meet the specific interests of the team. It’s a great platform for bringing out the competitive nature of individuals, without being too serious. With plot twist after plot twist, you can count on the crowd to stay vibrant throughout.


Technology can sometimes interfere with social interactions and one way to fix that is to spend a few nights out in the wild together. A camping trip is a fascinating idea for your corporate team building because it offers numerous things to do. Depending on the camp area, you can have fishing, hiking, and swimming as part of the trip. The Everest Base Camp Trek, for instance, provides scenic hiking trails in Nepal. You can divide activities among different groups to cater to the different hobbies and interests.

See the Sights

It can surprise you that many people have not taken the time to visit some of the local attractions. Between jobs, social lives, and other responsibilities, most people may not have the time to sight see and when they do, they pick other vacation destinations. Your employees can be local tourists for a day and go around the region, enjoying all it has in store. Such an activity also comes with an opportunity to encounter new people.

Escape Games

Room escape games have become a favorite among corporate entities. What happens is that a team is locked in a room and given a time frame to escape using a set of puzzles and clues. The group has to work together, which promotes teamwork and requires people to be very creative. It also helps grow skills like leadership, communication, and hard work.

Spy Programs

Some corporate team-building companies have spy programs that are excellent for your trip. The group gets various activities like fire marking, code breaking, and hand-to-hand combat to fill their days. Spy activities can take place in multiple locations, allowing people to enjoy different settings with each task. Working as a spy team improves group dynamics because members rely on each other to succeed.

Outdoor Adventures

Encourage team building through various outdoor activities. Find a good kayaking spot and take the team for a ride in the water. Rent cottages in the woods where individuals can go hunting or fishing. Rock climbing is another way to help build the morale of your employees. Taking your team to a trampoline park even for an hour or two can help reduce stress and boost engagement. Go-kart racing is an exciting team building activity, especially when looking to pump up adrenaline. When employees spend their days sitting on desks, the outdoors offers a breath of fresh air in every sense.

Company team-building outings are effective in decreasing the tension that tends to build up when people spend too much time together in one space. Understand what your employees need before taking them out on a trip. Keep it fun and interesting.

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