How to Deal with Common Workplace Issues

Issues will arise at the workplace that could affect an employee’s output negatively. Workplace issues can be vertical when senior employees mistreat the juniors or horizontal when there are disagreements between employees in the same rank. It is important for graduates joining the workplace to be aware that workplace issues will always arise and that the important thing is how they will choose to address such issues.

How to address some of the common workplace issues

What you should do if you get a bad performance review: You did your best and thought you met your boss’ expectations but you receive a bad performance review. The worst mistake you could do is panicking and getting defensive. It is important that you analyze the performance sheet and see the concerns your employer raises regarding your performance. You should then show that you are concerned with the feedback given by communicating with your employer and give assurance that you will work on the issues. Put effort to address each issue raised in your performance review to meet your employer’s expectations in future.

Difficulties in working with co-workers: Problems may arise between you and a co-worker due to many factors. In such a scenario, the first thing that you need to do is remember that you do not have to like your co-worker but you must work together. Ensure that you address your ego and be ready to compromise in some situations. To ensure that you create a good working relationship with your co-workers, you should try being nice to them regardless of their attitudes to you. You can give them compliments when necessary and a helping hand when you can as this will help create a good working relationship.

Your boss is fired or quits: At every workplace, employees always create working relationships with their bosses and their absence can be a blow to them. You should not panic if your boss has been fired; instead, be calm and be ready to work with the incoming boss. There are chances that your new boss could be even better and you will only know that after you work with them. You should work hard and be ready to ensure that your department runs as smoothly as possible. You can try helping your new boss adapt to the new workstation and familiarize her or him with the company routine.

Unsafe working environment: Each employee has a right to work in a conducive and humane environment. The safety of a workplace environment is essential in helping each employee attain an optimal output. Juan Reyna a lawyer who deals with work environment cases says, “Adapt the structure of your processes to the needs of your workers and customers in a way that accommodates the importance of empathy in business.”

Poor remuneration: One of the most common workplace issues is remunerations. You might have been working for your employer over time and you have not received any pay rise. Remuneration issues are often the catalyst for most conflicts related to employees and if you feel that your pay is low, you will not be able to provide your best at work. Most organizations have formal channels through which their employees can seek better remunerations, and you could pursue them. You should explain why you think you need better remunerations and back your claims with facts to convince your employer.

Lack of appraisal: Problems may arise if you have done your best but your boss does not notice. It is natural that employees would love their efforts to be noticed and their achievements appreciated. It is important to keep highlighting your achievements when addressing your boss and remember not to overdo it. This will keep your boss informed and soon they will start appreciating your efforts.

As an employer or employee, you should know that workplace issues will always come up. What shall matter, however, are the solutions that you will provide. You should always strive to address the root causes of workplace issues and avoid any blame game.

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