Common Health Symptoms Most People Ignore

When people get sick, they generally know it because of the harsh symptoms that go along with the sickness. However, there are some diseases and health issues that may cause symptoms people tend to ignore. People are busy and don’t always have time to analyze their health adequately, but there are common health symptoms that should never be ignored. Read on to see what some of them are.

Rashes and Skin Symptoms

Rashes are sometimes a sign of an underlying problem. Lupus, shingles, and measles are just a few examples of health problems that can cause unusual rashes. New growths or skin discolorations can be a sign of various issues, including skin cancer, that should be examined by a doctor quickly.

Losing Weight Without Trying

While there are many people who would welcome losing weight without trying, this symptom can be indicative of a serious problem. Losing 10 or more pounds can be a sign of different sicknesses, including cancer. If you know that you’ve lost over 10 pounds and haven’t changed your lifestyle or eating habits, then see your doctor and discuss this issue with the professional.

Being Tired During the Day

Because many people lead such busy lives, they think that being tired all throughout the day is just a byproduct of a hectic lifestyle. However, if you’re feeling tired even after getting a good night’s rest, you could be suffering from sleep apnea. Sleep apnea causes a disruption in a person’s breathing while they sleep. The rest is often interrupted, even if you can’t remember it. Sleep apnea can have a hand in heart disease and other health conditions, so it is important to treat it.

Swollen Feet and Ankles

Many people don’t pay much attention to their feet or ankles unless there is an obvious problem. Swelling in the feet or ankles can imply that there could be an underlying kidney issue. Kidneys that aren’t functioning properly can allow the body to retain sodium and liquid. This can cause the feet and ankles to swell. While these parts of your body may not be painful, they can make it difficult to put on socks and shoes. It can be an uncomfortable feeling or barely noticeable at all. Check with your doctor if you’ve noticed that your ankles or feet are swollen.

Bowel and Bladder Changes

Understandably, most people are uncomfortable talking about their bathroom habits. However, if you’ve noticed a change in how much you’re going to the bathroom, colors and consistency, or that you can’t control elimination, then you need to schedule a visit to your doctor. The doctor can order tests or examinations to determine what the underlying problem may be. These problems can range in anything from kidney disorders to cancer, so it is very important to note changes and talk to a professional about them.

These are just a few symptoms a person should never ignore. For more serious health conditions, such as cancer or kidney disease, the earlier the issue is discovered, the better the prognosis may be. Any change in your health should be mentioned to a doctor. Ongoing symptoms that you think you can live with may be signaling a life-threatening problem that should never be ignored under any circumstances.

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