Monthly Archives: December 2017

How Factories Are Becoming Automated

When the first automobile factory assembly lines began mass production in the early 1900s, human workers were involved at every step in the production process. This state remained virtually unchanged until 1961, when a robot dubbed Unimate appeared on the automotive factory floor for die casting handling and spot welding. Today robots are found by […]

Tips for Keeping Your Business in Compliance

Every business owner must ensure that their business is compliant either with the federal regulations or state regulations. Although it is not an exciting topic such as innovation, compliance helps protect businesses in many ways including license retention. Non-compliance which can come from cutting corners, ignorance or negligence of laws governing your business industry can […]

Reducing the Cost of Business Expenses

To make more money from your business, you don’t necessarily have to obsess over bringing in more clients. While steady growth in your customer base is vital to succeed in any entrepreneurial venture, one can also widen profit margins by reducing the costs of doing business. Here are five tips on how to trim the […]