How to Throw a Great Company Party

Office environments can change drastically when people start socializing. Social interaction can make a workplace more productive. Sometimes the reason why there’s no interaction is that people never got the opportunity get to know each other well. The best way to bring people closer together is to throw a party. So, here are some tips you can use to throw a great office party.

Supply Enough Food and Drinks

The lack of snacks and beverages is a common mistake people make when they plan a party. Make a list of all the people you invited and calculate the amount of supplies for every guest accordingly. The amount of food and drinks should depend on the type of party that you’re making. For instance, if it’s a light, casual party that isn’t going to last more than three hours, there should be at least six beverages for each person.

It’s better to have excessive supplies than to run out of them. No one can really tell the exact amount of money that will be needed for the party. It might seem like a great expense, but drink stores have some offers that can reduce the overall cost. You can cut a deal with the store in which you can return any beverages that weren’t opened. Since food is usually in a form of light snacks, you don’t have to buy too much, so leftovers shouldn’t be a problem.

Make It a Theme Party

Theme parties can be a lot of fun because they put guests in the mood of the theme. A good example of a theme would be throwing a 1950s party. Most guests are going to be cooperative when invited to a theme party. In this case, the fun will start even before the party begins, due to the activities the attendees will have to go through in order to prepare for it.

Keep in mind that you don’t want to be too formal about the dress code. It can be repulsive to those who just want to have a fun time and relax with their colleagues. Everyone invited should feel welcome at the party regardless of what they wear.

Pay Attention to the Music

Music is a necessity at any social events. Visit a music shop and ask around who can rent you the best sound system. It’s usually not expensive to get a solid sound system for a day. Make sure you consult their audio technician in order to get exactly what you need.

The only thing left is to choose whether you want a live band or a DJ to play the music. There are many DJ’s nowadays that play these sorts of parties. It wouldn’t take long to get him or her acquainted with the type of music. However, bands can bring quite an uplifting atmosphere. They can interact with the crowd, which can make the party more entertaining.

Fill the Party with Activities

You can help your employees and colleagues interact through many different activities. For instance, you can make a karaoke contest. Just make sure you don’t put any pressure on those who don’t want to play. Keep in mind that some people would much rather enjoy the activity as an observer instead of getting put in the spotlight.

Karaoke might be a big step for individuals, so it’s best to provide some low-profile activities as well. You can buy a box of conversation starters. Those boxes can easily be found online, among many other party related games. Depending on the size of the party, you can choose other activities that include everyone. Keep in mind that these activities should be light and they should not require too much attention, because it can draw the focus from actual conversations between employees.

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