Monthly Archives: March 2018

Ways To Lower Your Monthly Costs

If you’ve recently taken a pay cut, become unemployed, or simply found your monthly bills increasing for no apparent reason, finding ways to cut back can be critical. There are several things you can to try to cut your monthly bills, and most only require a little effort on your part. Here are # ways […]

5 Business Trends For 2018

As we move deep into 2018, lots of predictions are available across all forms of publications for the business year. As we all know, most of these predictions rely on the possible actions which top-notch organizations in the business world would take to set new records and break more grounds. Here are some of the […]

7 Ways Millennials Can Plan for Retirement

Retirement is something everyone looks forward to, but something that most of us dread preparing for. Financial experts advise you should start saving for retirement as early as your 20s. How crazy is it to think that you need to prepare at least 40 years in advance? Think of it this way: the sooner you […]

How to Lower Your Car Insurance Costs

There are some factors that you won’t be able to do anything about, even though they will have an impact on your insurance costs. Of course, these factors include gender, age, and record of prior claims. Nevertheless, there will be some things that will lower your car insurance. Own Your Car In case you’re currently […]

5 Ways to Advance Your Nursing Career

Nursing is a rewarding and exciting career choice that provides you with a vast number of opportunities for advancement, as long as you have obtained the credentials to match your passion. Nurses who obtain specialization credentials are always in high demand. If you are a nurse who is looking to obtain a promotion or change […]

The Basics of Buying Stocks

The stock market is a very complex system where the shares of publicly-traded companies get issued, sold, and bought. It represents a system where you are able to invest money by buying fractions of companies known as stocks and earn money by selling them at a higher price. There are two different uses of the […]

Habits to Help You Save Money

Is frugality a habit or a way of living? It might be hard to tell, but one thing is for sure — if you spend less money, you will have more money left. Frugality might not make you rich, although you would be surprised to hear that some of the richest people in the world, […]

How Businesses Can Recover from Mass Product Liability Claims

How Businesses Can Recover from Mass Product Liability Claims Product liability impacts small and large business owners alike. Thousands of injuries occur annually because of defective products in the United States. Manufacturers and sellers can both be held responsible for a product defect. The entire distribution chain is often part of a product liability claim. […]

What Businesses Can Learn From Past Recalls

Product recalls hit small and large businesses alike. In a 12-month period, there were 1,541 home products recalled, 1,267 child products, 889 toys, 846 sports and recreation products, and hundreds more in other categories. Businesses can learn a lot from past recalls, and this means learning internally and externally. Learning from Your Own Product Recalls […]