How an office enviroment can increase productivity

Workplace unrest is a prevalent issue around the globe today, as evidenced by the recent research by Steelcase. In fact, a third of workers across seventeen major international economies are said to be disengaged. As a savvy business leader, this is something worth your concern.

The design of an office along with the working environment can either make or break employees’ productivity. Well-designed workspaces can actually increase the overall productivity by approximately 20 percent. Although productive workers can increase an organization’s profits, disengaged employees cost the U.S businesses a whopping $550 billion annually.

Factors Affecting Employee’s Performance

The American Society of Interior Designers acknowledges the design of the physical workplace as one of the key factors influencing job satisfaction and employee performance. According to the Journal of Public Affairs, Administration and Management, lighting is the primary factor affecting the productivity of an employee. Furthermore, the Journal also ascertained that male workers are more affected by the office furniture while temperature being reported as having a greater influence on their female counterparts.

A Tidy And Cosy Office

The need for a clean, comfortable and cozy office working environment is something even a layman understands. No one feels comfortable with clutter, dust, and messiness all over their work vicinity. Get rid of ancient AC machines or malfunctioned units that literally render the air heavy. It is an obligation of the business owners to maintain a healthy working environment for its employees.

As a business owner, your goal should be to create and sustain a positive atmosphere while providing everything required for the employees to work efficiently. Invest in good-functioning appliances, ergonomic furniture and incorporate some live aspect into the space by decorating with plants and other aspects that align with your style and theme.

Provide A Quiet, Well-Ventilated And Lighted Space

Open workspaces are great and enhance teamwork. However, in some instances, your employees may require a quiet space so as to focus and deliberate on delicate issues that may not be open for all employees.

Dim lighting is detrimental to the productivity of your workers. Also, avoid installing fluorescent lighting which causes headaches. A good space should strive to incorporate both artificial and natural forms of lighting. Employees have reported that being close to windows make them feel more relaxed and focused. Maintaining your working environment bright promotes productivity by keeping the workers cheerful and motivated. In addition, an office having extreme temperatures will distract its occupants. While there isn’t a perfect degree of temperature for everyone, try to maintain a temperature level that is comfortable for most of your office occupants.


The main purpose of ergonomics is to enhance the prevailing conditions in the workplace. It serves to reduce the potential health hazards. In business, ergonomics plays a key role by increasing the level of employee engagement by allowing tasks to be done under optimum conditions. Incorporating this aspect also helps mitigate against future injuries and fatigue.

Working conditions that are poorly designed not only affect the employees but also the business in terms of high levels of absenteeism, high employee turnover and the associated costs. On their part, employees will suffer injuries and infections on their hands, joints, writs and back. An office should be well designed and furnished to support and complement employee’s efforts.

Provide for Mental Health Days

Some jobs are characterized by tight schedules and routine tasks that often leave employees bored and demotivated. It is a healthy practice for employees to take some time off to unwind and revitalize themselves. Allowing employees some vacation gives them the chance to catch up with their personal life, relax and bond with their close friends and relatives. The opportunity also enables them to shed some work-related pressure that may otherwise lead to depression or other mental health conditions.

A working environment that advances its employees some time off from work maintains a healthy and energized work-force. These employees incur minimal work-related accidents, hardly fall sick and are more productive.

Is Your Office Equipped With Top-Notch Devices?

You need to equip your working environment with tools that support and complement your employees. For your business to remain afloat in the current cutthroat competition, you need to continually update it with the most recent upgrades and technological trends. One recent study by Intel revealed that company employees that are upgraded with wireless notebooks put in two more hours of work weekly. The workers were sufficiently equipped to manage their time and increase their productivity. It was a win-win situation for both the employees and the company.

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