Create Outdoor Spaces For Your Employees

Employers often spend resources on attracting and retaining great talent. Human Resource experts understand the high cost of turnover and the needless training and retraining of individuals who leave within six months. There are many corporate actions and areas of neglect that could make employees scan other current job openings. However, there are several areas of opportunity that employers can leverage to keep their best employees.

Employee Recognition Programs

Corporate executives and small business owners strive to create meaningful ways to show appreciation to their employees. Much research has been conducted to determine the most effective ways of showing employee appreciation. Most organizational consulting firms recommend a poll that allows each employee to record their preferred method of recognition. This allows the employer to individually reward employees with spotlight awards based on their personal requests.

Appeal and Benefits of Outdoor Spaces

Aside from the individual recognition programs, employers seek to create a workplace culture that is unique and productive. Exceptional talent requires a work space environment that is a cut above the competition. The trending use of outdoor spaces in corporate settings has proven to be a favorite among employees. Here are just a few of the major benefits of offering outdoor work spaces.

Inspired By Nature

Virtually every season offers an awe inspiring view of the natural cycle of life. Spring flower buds and chirping birds create an atmosphere of growth and renewal. Great ideas for company change can be born in an outdoor gazebo or other outdoor work space during Springtime.

Outdoor work areas can even flourish in the highest heat of Summer or in hot, arid climates. High quality comfort options like outdoor ceiling fans and natural insect repellents keep employees comfortable and productive.

Cooler temperatures do not prohibit the implementation of outdoor work spaces. Greenhouse environments maximize temperatures and offer energy enhancing oxygen to weary employees during suffering from Winter doldrums. Other outdoor space ideas for colder climates may include congregational fire pits and individual sheds or log cabins for onsite meetings.

Encourage Healthy Lifestyles

Employers should feel free to get creative with their existing space. Architects and engineers are constantly looking for new ways to incorporate outdoor spaces in new corporate parks and shared urban work spaces. There is no question that working outdoors increases productivity as well as overall employee health and well being.

Nature trails and labyrinths offer employees the chance to meditate and relax during stressful days. The ability to refocus also brings the benefit of fresh ideas and new perspectives. Outdoor spaces also encourage employees to increase their exercise and even choose healthier eating options. Natural elements throughout the workplace inspire a healthy lifestyle simply by increasing movement in otherwise sedentary workstations.

Work Life Balance

Even with the best outdoor spaces in place, employers still have to cultivate an atmosphere that breeds retention. Organizational workplace engineers recommend an active and fluid policy that highlights work life balance. Yes, companies want healthy employees for their own benefit. Sick days equal loss of productivity and juggling projects to other employees, who then may feel overworked. However, healthy employees also encourage a healthy workplace and positive corporate values. The cycle continues to repeat itself as new employees are on-boarded within this culture of healthy living and efficient production processes.

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